Applications within the food industry

In the agri-food sector, Faber offers solutions for the transport and handling of agricultural, livestock and fishery products into foodstuffs for consumption.

Faber solutions are used for operations such as turning, lifting, cleaning, packing and grouping products, whether bare, packaged or overwrapped.

Convoyeur industriel Flextoo

Some of our products used in this market

– Conveyors (to transport products onto the production/packaging line)

– Modular belts / chains / bands (each product has different characteristics)

Components and accessories (profiles, guides, supports, legs)

Machined plastic parts (screws, starwheels and guides, turning units)

Case study

“Eyguebelle” the famous syrup brand, uses our conveying systems in the food industry.

Our industrial solutions have been used to set up a system for turning capped and full bottles, so that the liquid comes into contact with the cap for a short time to enhance the pasteurisation and sterilisation of the syrups.

The solution consists of turning units fitted with 2 motorised wrappers. The bottles are fed into the units by accumulation and undergo a 360° rotation.

Solution Faber pour agroalimentaire

3 different turning units are installed for 3 different bottle formats, as well as a removable by-pass plate, the purpose of which is to convey certain bottles without turning them upside down.

Eyguebelle’s operators no longer have to manually turn over the bottles, which have previously been sprayed with hot water for pasteurisation.

Our industrial solution has improved the production rate from 5,000 to 8,000 bottles/hour.

The different agri-food sectors

Our industrial conveying systems are used in many sectors of the food industry. Our wide range of references means you can find the right equipment for every situation.

Here are a few examples of sectors in which our products are used.

Solution Flextoo pour convoyeurs industriel

Bakery / Confectionery

Some food modular belts are designed to limit contact with food products, making them easier to cook, cool or freeze.

This can be very useful for bakery and pastry products.

Fruit / Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are often transported using industrial conveying systems. These products, which are often transported in bulk, can be washed during transit, for example by opening certain industrial conveyor belts to allow water to pass through.

Convoyeur industriel pour fruits et légumes
Convoyeur pour paquets de pâtes


The pasta can be moved in bulk during production, but it is also possible to use our products to carry out later stages, such as packaging.

Industrial systems suitable for contact with both unpacked and packaged food are available.


Some food conveyor belts are cut and impact resistant so that meat can be cut or boned directly onto them.

The surface is also designed not to dull knives that come into contact with the belt.

Solution pour transport de viande
Convoyage pour fruits de mer Faber


Seafood is generally processed in bulk before being handled (rinsed, cut, sorted, etc.).

These stages are optimised thanks to our conveying solutions, which are adapted to the contact with the products and the evacuation of water without retention.

These sectors of activity are examples of the agri-food sectors in which our solutions can be put into practice, but they can be used for many other types of food sector.

Further informations

In the food industry, machined plastic parts and conveyors play an essential role.These solutions are widely used for various food processing, cleaning, packaging and grouping operations.  

Conveyors are used to move products through the production and packaging line. Most of these products can also be used in  logistics and other industries. 

Machined plastic parts and conveyors are essential elements in maintaining a smooth, hygienic and efficient production process in the food industry. 

Our products can also meet the standards of other industries, such as  pharmaceuticals , cosmetics, etc. 

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