Accumulating products / Storing

Managing production lines often involves the need to temporarily store or accumulate products during different stages of the process. 

This can be useful for optimising workflows, meeting variable production requirements or providing a smooth transition between different manufacturing stages, etc.  

Modular Belt Conveyor

Modular belt conveyors, especially the industrial conveyors h’ecoflex, Flextoo, ball conveyor allow the accumulation of your products.

Unlike industrial chain conveyors or smooth belt conveyors, belt conveyors are ” slippery “. 

This allows your products to remain stuck on conveyors that are always running, without damaging the product or the belt, as the belt simply continues to slide under the product. 

Ligne de production Flextoo
Convoyeur à galets pour accumulation

Industrial conveyors fitted with roller belts operate on the same principle, because the aim is to keep the product stationary on the industrial conveyor, which is always running. The rollers let the product ‘roll’ along the conveyor belt, even if it is deliberately stopped on the line. 

These rollers can accumulate heavy or fragile products, and considerably reduce the belt pulling effort while preserving the integrity of the products. 

Roller belts are available on straight modular conveyors (CMD and ball conveyors).

Different widths are available (from 165mm), with open or closed surfaces. 

Ball conveyors are used to manipulate or orientate your products as they are transported. 

It is equipped with multidirectional balls that are set in motion independently of the main direction of travel of the industrial conveyor. 

As a result, products can be referenced, accelerated, ejected, deflected and transferred in different directions. 

Convoyeur industriel h'ecoflex

This industrial conveyor is economical and silent for conveying and accumulating your wide products. Its smooth, “gliding” belt helps your products to accumulate easily within your line.  

Designed according to your layout requirements, our h’ecoflex® conveyors are assembled and tested in our workshops.  

The many accessories (legs, side guides, supports, and so on) are common to all our ranges. 

• Economical curved plastic belt with 25 mm pitch, allowing multi-curve geometries 

• Bending radii for compact geometries 

• Very quiet operation 

• Conveyor designed for quick and easy installation and maintenance 

• Compact structure, small winding Ø 

• Modularity to ease the evolution of the lines

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