Legs for industrial conveyors

Legs for aluminium profiles are essential components used to support and stabilise conveyor structures made from aluminium profiles.

They play a vital role in the rigidity and stability of the entire conveyor system.

Legs for industrial conveyors

The legs are height-adjustable to suit the specific needs of each application.

Whether your aluminium profiles are equipped with chains, Scanbelt modular belts or Uni-Chains, feet are generally indispensable.

Pieds pour convoyeur industriel Faber

Different designs available

Pieds pour convoyeurs industriel

Roller legs

Roller legs are a practical option, allowing the conveyor to be moved easily from one location to another, which is ideal for applications where flexibility of the conveyor line is required.

These legs are often fitted with locking mechanisms to ensure stability once the conveyor has been positioned.


For excellent stability, ground-mounted bases can be used, providing a solid, permanent foundation for the conveyor structure.

Empbases pour fixation au sol

In addition to standard legs, there are a variety of options available for aluminium profile legs.

Bipod and tripod legs offer increased stability, effectively distributing the load over a larger area.

These types of legs are particularly useful when the conveyor is subjected to heavier loads.

Another advantage is that the floor surface area is reduced, making cleaning easier for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Pied tripode pour convoyeur industriel

Other components such as  plastic guides for industrial conveyors  are available in our catalogues to customise your equipment according to your needs. 

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